Mail Delivery

Our mail delivery involves picking up and delivering letters, packages, and parcels from you location to recipients via established and optimized routes and schedules.

Document Delivery

Entrust sensitive documents to someone you trust for careful handling and utmost confidentiality - a differentiating service we proudly offer.

Residential Delivery

Our delivery service extends to residential areas. Whether you require package pickup or drop-off at home or office, rely on our speedy service.

Same Day Delivery

In need of a swift delivery? Contact us for your deliveries. Our dedicated driver ensures rapid pick-ups and drop-offs Manitoba-wide.

Industrial Delivery

We provide comprehensive courier services, including industrial areas. We handle packages of all sizes, catering to manufacturing hubs with reliability and punctuality.

Medical and Pharmacy Delivery

We prioritize swift delivery of medical and pharmacy packages, recognizing their critical role in healthcare. Our skill ensure speedy and damage-free transportation.

Grocery Delivery

Whether you're unable to visit the store or need assistance, we ensure a stocked pantry and convenient grocery deliveries.

Our Services & How It Works

How It Works

1. Place A Call

Dial our hotline at 204-290-8613, and you'll be promptly connected to a dedicated customer care representative eager to attend to your needs. Upon your request, we'll swiftly provide you with a detailed quote, ensuring clarity and satisfaction.

2. Schedule Your Delivery

As soon as we have confirmed your order, we will schedule your delivery with the estimated time it would take to handle your package. We can also work out other details if it is discreet and requires extra care during handling.

3. Wait for Our Driver for Pick-Up

Sit back and wait for our professional driver to pickup your package and deliver it to your destination anywhere in Manitoba in an instant.

Call us today for exceptional services. Quick pick-up, Quick drop-off is our mission.

Service Areas

Steinbach, Blumenort, Dufresne, Ile Des Chenes, Grand Pointe, Grunthal, Kleefeld, LaBroquerie, Landmark, Lorette, Marchand, Mitchell, New Bothwell, Niverville, Oakbank, Otterburne, Richer, Rosenort, Selkirk, Ste. Adolphe, Ste. Agathe, Ste. Anne, St. Pierre, St.Malo, Stonewall, Winkler, Morden, Morris, Altona, Vita and Zonda.

We work whenever you need us and therefore, available 24/7.